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Walk - Vintage Motel Key Tag

Walk - Vintage Motel Key Tag

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Remember when hotels actually had keys and not cards? If not, then experience a bit of the glory days with one of our hotel-key inspired keychains. Of course, hotels usually didn’t have such colorful messages on their fobs. And theirs also weren’t 80% made from recycled plastic bottles. 

  • GET ATTACHED: In addition to the standard ring for your keys, this keychain also has a lobster claw clip. Because why not?
  • RECYCLED: The plastic for our hotel keychains is made from 80% recycled water bottles.
  • JUST THE RIGHT SIZE: At 3.5” L x 1.65” W, our hotel keychains will easily fit into your pocket.
  • STATEMENT: Say it with a keychain, whether it’s for yourself or it’s a gift for someone else.
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