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Schiffer Kids

The Nightmare Bug

The Nightmare Bug

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Beware! The Nightmare Bug is creeping into dreams again . . . He's been around sleep for many, many years, turning magical dreams into things we all fear. But not tonight!

Discover how one small child decides to take control of their nightmares and tackle the Nightmare Bug once and for all. With the help and comfort of the child's mother, along with friends Blankie, Bear, and Rhino, the child drifts off to sleep feeling empowered and ready to show the Nightmare Bug there is nothing to be afraid of in the night.

The Nightmare Bug is a powerful message designed to identify and tackle the emotions that bad dreams evoke, and to provide coping methods for children who suffer from nightmares on a regular basis.

Hillary Daecher, Illustrated by Angie Hohenadel 32 pp | 16 color images | HC

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