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The Grumbletroll . . . Isn’t Grumbling Today!

The Grumbletroll . . . Isn’t Grumbling Today!

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I can do better than this! That’s what Grumbletroll firmly believes, so he bets his friends that he can manage not to grumble for one whole day. But that’s easier said than done: When his friends snatch the delicious cake right from under his nose, he’d love nothing better than to stomp his feet on the ground. And when a startled crow drops an unpleasant surprise right on his head, he wants to scream at the top of his voice. Will the Grumbletroll be able to control his anger and manage to win the bet . . . ?

Grumbletroll serves as a model to help children recognize and learn ways to cope with and even stop fits of anger and rage that we all struggle with when things don't go our way.

Grumbletroll's coping methods include breathing deeply in and out and positive self-talk, but he draws the line when his friends laugh at him, teaching them a valuable lesson about empathy

Aprilkind, Barbara van den Speulhof illustrated by Stephan Pricken 32 pp | 22 color images | HC

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