The Coastal Calm Necklace

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The Coastal Calm Oyster Necklace is one of the most delicate and sophisticated designs in our Lowcountry jewelry collection. Specially selected gilded oyster shells for their simple, refined shape and subtle hues, paired with Imfibinga natural seed beads from Kenya to seamlessly connect the beauty of the sea and the power of the land in one necklace. The Coastal Calm Oyster Necklace measures 17” and features an approximately 1” by 2” oyster shell pendant.

This sophisticated, tasteful oyster necklace blends a subtle palette of grays and blues, harnessing the quiet power of nature. Give this beautiful piece of Lowcountry jewelry to the strong, quietly powerful woman in your life: the Coastal Calm Oyster Necklace is an intentional birthday gift, graduation present, or gesture of gratitude.

The Coastal Calm Oyster Necklace is also a gift that gives back to the Charleston coast: Grit & Grace Studio is home to an in-house oyster shell recycling program, and is proud to have saved more than 5,000 gallons of oyster shells from the landfill. They recycle 10 oyster shells for each gilded oyster shell necklace or jewelry dish sold. The oyster shells in the Grit & Grace Studio program are recycled from Charleston-area restaurants and incorporated into SCDNR’s oyster reef restoration programs around the Lowcountry.