My Sunshine Forever Card

My Sunshine Forever Card

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It makes sense to mark unforgettable moments with a small keepsake to help remind of the joy and happiness you felt when they occurred. Whether the event is something that only happens once-in-a-lifetime, or it is the first of many quiet, heartfelt moments, this is a perfect gift and is designed to last for years.

Show that special someone you care with the My Sunshine Forever Card.

This hinged wooden gift card is meant to serve as a permanent reminder of your love and admiration. It is freestanding and can be put on display for everyone to see. The card is decorated in a neutral color palette with silver and gray accents. The front of the card features the sentiment: "You are my sunshine." The back of the card simply says: "My sunshine…" There is also space on the back to personalize this gift.

The Forever Card is made from wood and ceramic. It measures 5"w x 2.5"d x 5"h.