Men’s Shift Necklace - Matte Slate

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What is shift exactly?

No technology. No prescriptions. No noise.
Just modern science and ancient wisdom rolled into a smart accessory to make you better.

Engineered to slow your pace of breath, The Shift is a simple yet innovative mindfulness tool to help calm your nervous system and relieve anxiety. Whenever you're feeling stressed, just take a slow breath in through your nose, then exhale for 10 seconds discreetly through the Shift to soothe tension and bring your mind back into the present moment.  It is called The Shift, because it shifts you into your best self.


    • Brass base plated
    • Shift pendant measures 2 inches in length
    • 25″ plated pullover ball chain
    • Precise circumference supports 10 second exhale
    • Food safe enamel coating