Living Life Candle

Living Life Candle

"As free as a bird"

Laying in a hammock...floating on the water...walking on the beach...riding a bike along the boardwalk...taking a drive with the windows down...enjoying time with diving...laughing...singing...dancing...JUST LIVING LIFE...  This scent is reminiscent of life near that water, a fresh breeze blowing across the dunes, a cool salt mist in the air.  The addition of sandalwood essential oil brings out the fresh green notes in this scent.  Bring a coastal village into your home with our Living Life fragrance.  Our pure soy wax candles will burn clean for a long time.  Pair with one of our matching flour sack towels for the perfect custom gift.  

The beauty of a pure wax soy candle takes time.  1803 melts their wax to the perfect temperature then blend in our fragrance oil and stir many times to incorporate.  They then wait for the wax to be the perfect termperature to pour into our glass jars.  Each candle's swirl of wax you see on the top of the is unique to the chandler who pours it.

Soy Jar Candle Burn Time 
14oz – 80 Hours 

Soy Jar Candle Exclusive Features 
Cotton Wicks 
Clean Burning 
Hand Poured Soy Wax 
Environmentally Friendly 
Reusable Mason Jars 
Made in the United States